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Welcome to Software Defined Data Protection, welcome RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines

Johannes Geissler

Johannes Geissler

Senior Specialized Solutions Engineer at EMC Computer Systems AG
Johannes Geissler
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In the midst of the year end of 2014, we have launched a brand new replication technology which is based on our proven RecoverPoint engine and fully integrates with VMware.

I’ve had the first chance to play with it. As a specialist for traditional storage replication I was most impressed by how easy it is to startup and test the replicated Virtual Machine(VM).

First things first, to protect a Virtual Machine, simply select “protect” from its properties:


Next you can choose your desired RPO, the target cluster and the host and storage resource for the replicated VM: (more…)

Backup Redefined – Data Protection-as-Service – for a Software-Defined World



Field CTO Office Switzerland at EMC Computer Systems AG


Field CTO ¦ Sr. Manager Systems Engineering @ DellEMC Switzerland Passionate Technologist
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DPAD-shieldRequirements for data protection have changed over time. This is not only because more systems and users are creating data, and the fact that enterprise applications are critical to nearly all business processes. It’s even more because of the new dynamic way we consume IT resources – The world of IT-as-a-Service. In this context, data protection becomes more challenging with the volume of data being generated across lots of users, across lots of devices and lots of next generation applications which can be dynamically ordered and consumed via Self-Service portals. In this new dynamic on-demand software-defined world, traditional approaches to backup data won’t work anymore.

But data protection redefined doesn’t mean throwing everything away. Customers will still have mission critical platform 2 applications that will need to be protected. But they will have a host of new platform 3 applications and devices that need data protection as well. Through EMC’s strategy, we can bridge the transition, offering consistent data protection for existing and future IT environments – whether data and applications are running on legacy infrastructure or new Hybrid Clouds.

The data protection continuum spans protection tiers to provide everything from continuous availability to replication. We just announced a new level of Active-Active Data Center Solution including an any-Point-in-Time recovery functionality optional even in a 3rd Data Center called VPLEX MetroPoint, to backup and archive. These tiers all need to work together in a complementary fashion, creating a continuum that is aligned to the most stringent requirements for zero downtime and no data loss, for various point-in-time copies, and to secure long-term retention with archiving.